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>> en los pisos de la nba, los knicks de nueva york vencieron a los sixers de philadelphia, carmelo anthony fue el mejor de los knicks, tienen 2 victorias en 2 partidos >> antes de despedirme, giovanni dos santos entró de cambios en el aprtido en que su equipo perdió >> muchas gracias más adelante tendremos más deportes >> univisión tiene todo preparado para la cobertura de las historicas elecciones presidenciales >> se usa una forma poco cientifica para ver quien sera el nuevo inquilino de la casa blanca. amigos, para votar, es importante comparar los planes de los candidatos a la presidencia. ya hemos tenido cuatro años del plan obama. ¿están mejor hoy que antes? por eso, los invitamos a conocer el plan de mitt romney en, donde verán los pasos de romney para mejorar la economía y cómo ayuda a crear 12 millones de empleos. recuerden, es importante que comparen y así decidan quién tiene el mejor plan para ustedes. [ mitt romney ] soy mitt romney y apruebo este mensaje. >> aquí detras de bambalinas le vamos a entregar la mejor cobertura de las elecci
on to sports. the los angeles lakers have a new coach. so much for phil jackson returning to the l.a. lakers. mike d'antoni, former coach for the knicks and suns, is the new boss for the lakers, replacing mike brown. on sunday night football, texans and bears in houston scored a touchdown on a diving catch by arian foster that just crossed the goal line, and the texans won the defensive battle in the second half for a 13-6 win. new orleans' drew brees threw for three touchdowns as the saints ended the falcons' chance for a perfect season. new orleans sealed a 31-27 victory. the baltimore ravens set a club record in scoring during a 55-20 rout of oakland, and in overtime, st. louis and san francisco played to a tie 24-24. alabama's loss to texas a&m puts kansas state in first place and in the bcs rankings. oregon moves up to number two. notre dame number three. alabama drops to four. georgia is now fifth. >>> lance armstrong sent a twitter photo this weekend of himself casually lying on a couch in front of all of these jerseys from the tour de france wins that were erased because of the books
in a 102-80 victory over new orleans. the knicks have eight wins and only one loss. >>> former knicks coach mike d'antoni made his debut of the new coach of the los angeles lakers. in the closing minute kobe bryant drove to the basket and was fouled. they beat the nets 95-90. >> in college basketball rodney clark gave unranked butler a stunning upset of number nine north carolina 82-71 at the maui classic. >>> and get to know this guy, jack taylor of division iii grennel college. he set an astounding new scoring record for any level of college basketball with 138 points against faith baptist bible. the final score, grennel 179-104. >>> now for another look at the weather, we check in with our meteorologist/sports expert, bill karins. >> slash skeptical of everything. >> for a d3 school s th, is tha extraordinarily high-scoring? >> the game is only 40 minutes, 180 is ridiculous, him, 138, we saw the highlights. >> you're still skeptical. >> i am. i don't believe it for a second. today the big concern is the airlines and on the road. so many people driving and traveling this morning. the nort
. sources tell the "los angeles times" that former new york knicks head coach mike d'antoni is going to take over after the sudden firing of mike brown after just five games. tiki barber is the author of "tiki: my life in the game and beyond." nice to have you. let's start with that. everyone's talking phil jackson. i saw a little wire that said new coach and i was like oh, phil jackson. >> phil jackson retired for a reason a few years ago for the los angeles lakers. he's 70 years old. he's burnt out. he probably doesn't want to be on the bench any longer dealing with a lot of personalities that they have in los angeles, obviously kobe bryant. >> what? kobe bryant has a big ego? >> personality. >> sorry, that was my editorializing. >> exactly. i think mike d'antoni is the right coach for the los angeles lakers right now. he's looking to get back in to a high profile position. the lakers are going to give him that opportunity after being unceremoniously dismissed by the knicks last year. also, because of, let's call it high personality. i think it's a good place for him to restart and it will
. los angeles lakers have a new coach. government have signed former new york knicks coach mike d'antoni to a multiyear deal worth $12 million. former coach phil jackson had been rumored to be in line for the deal for the "l.a. times" said he was asking for part ownership of the team to return. '80s rock band def leppard setting up semipermanent residency in las vegas. british rockers fresh off the "rock of ages" movie. that is your "west coast minute." think we should go to a live show. dennis: let's do it. the biggest opening ever for a james bond film, talking 50 years and 23 movies. "skyfall" hauling a $90 million over the weekend, half billion dollars market worldwide. critics are calling it the best bond film ever with a great cast, dramatic death of a key character and too many shots at daniel craig. cheryl: i disagree, times are changing. a hot guy, totally changing the franchise, bring it on. dennis: become the biggest bond film of all time. about to go way over that. cheryl: he has really changed that franchise. dennis: it was terrific. cheryl: new york is living without
. >>> not many people saw this one coming. i did. los angeles lakers signed mike antoni as the new coach. worth a mere $12 million. he has coached the suns and the knicks. known for fast paced offenses but no defense at all. widely speculated the team would rehire phil jackson and $10 million a year demand. they got a bargain. >> so what happened? >> he didn't want to do it. he didn't want to be a part time coach for $10 million. >>> a picture of the science from lance armstrong. over the weekend armstrong tweeted this photo where he's sitting among his jerseys. his post said back in austin and laying around. he was stripped of those titles last month. he repeatedly used performance enhancing drugs. >> that's pure coincidence. come on. >> why did he tweet that? why? let it go for a while. >> not making you likable. and weren't all that likable to begin with. >> he's going to lose his last hand that way. >> he didn't tell anybody that. >> how do we know? >> nobody wants to listen to me when i start talking about sports cause they call me a hater. >> pretty much are. >> i am a hater but i'm just
. he can do both. but he will need a jet to pull it off. >>> los angeles lakers have a new coach. it's not phil jackson. the tam signed him to a four- year deal. he coached the new york knicks for three seasons. he tangs over the lakers from mike brown who was fired after a 1-4 start. >>> there are plans for an indoor trampoline park in antioch. rockin' jump plans to lease more than 23,000 square feet of the former got chalk's building. they have locations in dublin and san carlos. >>> 8:19. cooldown sparks new concerns for local firefighters. the hidden dangers inside your home that can cause it to go up in flames. >>> and look out the window. it looks good. will the -- are the cold temperatures gonna, around for a while? steve is coming back. it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)